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private sessions

How I Work

Are you ready to meet the most alive, inspired, empowered version of YOU?


I'm the guide you meet when you're ready to come alive again in your own skin. When you're ready to prioritize your joy, start choosing you, stop merely "going through the motions" and start living confidently from soul. 


I help you break out of whatever box you've created for yourself into a life that truly lights you up. We do this through a unique blend of dance/movement therapy, somatic (body-based) awareness, intuitive coaching & energy work. 


My coaching containers are 3 months long & include weekly 1:1 sessions (75min) via Zoom plus WhatsApp voice messaging support. 

Space is limited. Apply below to see if we're a good fit.

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trust your embodied knowing + let's get on a discovery call.

Congratulations for applying! You're one step closer to  I'll be in touch soon.

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